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Holistic care: why, how?

Written by: Mathilde Peyrigué

What do we really mean by holistic skincare? Why is this approach to beauty and well-being relevant? How can it be applied in everyday life?
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You have no doubt already heard of holistic care, or beauty in and out, expressions that are becoming more and more widespread in the world of cosmetics and health.

Derived from the Greek holos, which means “everything”, the term holistic care implies a global conception of the person, including the body and the spirit.


From this perspective, we consider, for example, that the appearance of the skin does not only depend on the creams used to nourish it, but that it is intimately linked to all aspects of our lives: nutrition, physical exercise, emotions and thoughts, relationships with the others…


To go further on this subject, you can consult our article The influence of the mind on our skin.


But what do we really mean by that? How are these approaches to beauty and well-being relevant? How to implement them on a daily basis?


At Days of Confidence, we wanted to answer these - legitimate - questions in this forum clearly oriented in favor of holistic care…. Ready to be convinced?



The list of factors that can affect the health of the skin


One understands the usefulness of a holistic approach to skin care by examining the list of factors that can affect its health and, in turn, its beauty.


    An unbalanced diet

      Who has never been covered in pimples after abusing sweets?

      Overloads (particularly of saturated fats, added sugars and salt) but also dietary deficiencies of vitamins and minerals can both have a significant impact on the appearance of the skin. In particular, they promote the appearance of imperfections and skin dehydration.

      The first pillar for having beautiful skin therefore remains to be attentive to the contents of the plate, by ensuring in particular that you have the right intake of essential nutrients (vitamins A, C, E, selenium, zinc, omega 3 ). Remember also the importance of good hydration on the appearance of the skin.


        Too much stress

          Stress has the effect of releasing large amounts of cortisol into the bloodstream, generating inflammation throughout our bodies. When this phenomenon is chronic, we are logically more likely to develop imperfections or even acne.

          Stress can also contribute to premature skin aging by increasing the production of free radicals, molecules that can damage skin cells.

          Finally, stress has a negative impact on other pillars of skin health such as eating habits and sleep.


            Lack of sleep

              Exactly, let's talk about it! Lack of sleep, whether occasional or repeated, makes the skin dull, tired (puffiness, dark circles) and sets the stage for aging (dehydration, wrinkles, fine lines).

              Indeed, when the nights are too short or hasty, the body's detoxification AND repair processes are less effective and the skin suffers, in the first line.


                Uncontrolled sun exposure

                  Dehydration, the appearance of dark spots and the loss of elasticity are the three main disadvantages of repeated exposure to the sun on the skin. Over time, ultraviolet (UV) rays can also alter the DNA of skin cells, increasing the risk of skin cancer.

                  It therefore remains essential to expose yourself to the sun sparingly and to protect yourself from its rays with the least harmful products possible.



                  How to integrate a holistic approach into your daily life, without the hassle?


                  Now that you have grasped the interest of taking care of your skin with a wider angle of view, we offer you an easily actionable roadmap to switch definitively to the side of holistic care:


                  Determine a main problem What does your skin suffer from the most? Repeated imperfections? Stubborn dryness? Premature aging? Etc. Ask yourself the right questions and choose an angle of attack to prioritize battles. When this step is done well, the rest of the roadmap generally runs smoothly.


                  Rebalance the lifestyle accordingly Dietary adjustments, better oxygenation, facial yoga exercises, relaxation applications, starting a therapy… all natural techniques are good for improving the appearance of your skin from a holistic. If the links between lifestyle and selected problem are not obvious to you, you can document yourself on our blog or seek the opinion of a naturopath during a personalized consultation.


                  Opt for clean skincare products As far as possible, choose skincare products that combine naturalness and effectiveness. At Days of Confidence, we have relied on extremely demanding sourcing of organic ingredients and French manufacturing processes that respect the environment to guarantee you these two dimensions.


                  Choosing the right dietary supplements In addition, we firmly believe that a “combinatorial” routine is the best tool to take care of your skin. We therefore systematically associate in our ranges a targeted food supplement with a cosmetic product, around 5 fundamentals of well-being:


                  But be careful not to get the wrong fight: this is only the last step! The addition of care products, whether internal or external, on the side of micronutrition or bio-active cosmetics, can only be effective if lifestyle habits follow...

                  No miracles can be expected from them if you don't change anything in your daily habits because, to quote Einstein, “madness is behaving in the same way and expecting a different result”.


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