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Organic skincare and natural supplements

marque cosmetique femme mature pre menopause perimenopause menopause postmenopause femme mature assise sur son canapé
creme eclat du teint creme visage peaux mature creme hydratante menopause marque bio eco responsable et efficace


Optimal concentration of active ingredients

  • Maximum quality and quantity of active organic ingredients present in our cosmetic formulas: plants, flowers, fruits, minerals and trace elements. (from 60% to 99% compared to less than 25% on average on the market)
  • Maximum percentage of certified ingredients from organic cultivation. (Up to 95% compared to 20% on average on the market)
  • Clinical tests of our patented cosmetic active ingredients.
  • Rigorous selection of plants and adaptogens, titrated, traced and controlled, present in our nutricosmetic formulas and our supplements.
  • ISO 9001 and 22.000 certification.

Activated Water®

We have chosen to design all these formulas not with water but with activated water in order to reinforce their effectiveness. These are precious and pure plant waters. Each extract contains volatile compounds, mineral salts and trace elements naturally present in the fresh plant. This explains their perfect affinity with the skin and optimum respect for its PH. The organic orange, organic cherry and organic cranberry waters present in the formulas have stimulating, anti-aging properties and help to optimize the softness and radiance of the skin. The exclusive manufacturing processes of the original extracts® make it possible to extract and preserve the active substances of plants and fruits.

Low temperature treatments

In order to preserve the quality of the biological active ingredients that we use in our cosmetics intact, the emulsions are heated slowly at low temperature so as not to degrade the molecules and their effectiveness.

Cold pressed virgin oils

We do not use any synthetic oils in order to preserve the integrity of the nutrients that the skin needs and thus avoid:

  • The destruction of vitamin E with its antioxidant, regenerating and anti-inflammatory action;
  • The disappearance and/or loss of the biological activity of essential fatty acids which are the source of hydrated, plumped, dense, supple and luminous skin;
  • The elimination of beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant active ingredient;
  • Or the disappearance of phospholipids and sterols which play a vital role in cell growth and the functioning of the plasma membrane.

Science-backed formulations

All our food supplements are formulated by a micronutritionist doctor. Whether it is the choice of ingredients, the galenic used, the optimal dosage and bioavailability, all our claims are based on a scientific consensus.

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days of confidence marque beauté bien être holistique qui produit soins visages et compléments alimentaires éco responsable naturels bio t durables photo noir et blanc crème blanche déposée sur fond sombre produit de la marque days of confidence texture généreuse onctueuse


100% natural

Our cosmetic range is guaranteed to be 100% natural, including our preservatives and our fragrances. Our range of supplements contains a majority of adaptogenic plants and minerals, but it also contains synthetic vitamins to guarantee the stability of the formula and maximum efficiency.

Organic certification

Our cosmetic range is ECOCERT / COSMOS ORGANIC certified but we go well beyond the required standards (around 20%) since our products contain between 50 and 95% of ingredients from organic farming.

Eco-design without plastic

With the exception of the pumps for our serum and our cleanser, all of our packaging is made from recycled glass and Thermodur for the caps.

Local production and sourcing

Our laboratory as well as our packaging production unit are French. The materials we use come from France and Europe. Although it is currently impossible to manufacture food supplements from local ingredients due to supply chains, this is not the case for cosmetics. This is why 50% of our organic active ingredients come from French crops. This is well above average, but still insufficient. We have implemented a research program so that our formulas can contain up to 100%.

Carbon offset programs

We work in partnership with ONE TRIBE and the UN to preserve the human and botanical ecosystem of the Amazon rainforest which is the lungs of the Earth. For each purchase made on the brand's website, a donation is made to the various local protection organizations which provide tree preservation and reforestation programs.

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days of confidence marque beauté bien être holistique qui produit soins visages et compléments alimentaires éco responsable naturels bio t durables photo noir et blanc crème blanche déposée sur fond sombre produit de la marque days of confidence texture généreuse onctueuse


Origin of ingredients

The provenance of all the ingredients we use for each product is clearly indicated on our site. Visit our glossary to find out more.


The exact percentage of active ingredients and ingredients from organic farming is present on our site as well as on all of our packaging.


Our cosmetic range is Ecocert/Cosmos Organic certified. The plants that we use in our supplements also come from organic farming, but Ecocert does not grant its label to products containing minerals. We do not use cruelty free certification which we consider unnecessary as testing on animals has been banned in Europe since 2009. We are in the process of B.Corp certification.

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portrait fondatrice days of confidence frederique labadie qui rigole et présente ses produits bio responsables efficaces soins cosmétiques et complements alimentaires pour femmes menopause


Unique olfactory signature

We wanted to create a unique fragrance dominated by cut herbs and variations which, depending on the products, evoke memories of walks in the countryside or in Mediterranean citrus fields.

Natural fragrances from Grasse

Developed in collaboration with perfumery experts located in Grasse, all our perfumes are 100% natural and made from plants from local organic crops.

Sensual, fast-absorbing textures

All our textures have been developed and tested in collaboration with our cosmetologist and a group of 20 women made up of cosmetic specialists, journalists and dermatologists.

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