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Well-being and beauty: stop with paradoxical injunctions

Written by: Mathilde Peyrigué

Exit the old dictates, it's time for new in & out methods of well-being & beauty: sport, yoga, meditation, veggie diet, gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free... In the battle of beauty & food dogmas, we let's explore a few avenues to get out of the confusion and defend a reasoned self-care .
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In terms of well-being and beauty, inherently feel good subjects, we are currently caught in a double bind. On the one hand, we are increasingly interested in maintaining our health from a holistic point of view: physical fitness, mental peace, natural beauty... It is the era of the famous in and out that we have now integrated , proven, understood. On the other hand, we are faced with a profusion of contradictory information coupled with a plethora of food and cosmetic products. If the objective was to enlighten us, to stick as closely as possible to our individual needs, the result is that we are often… lost. Confusion reigns, feeling lastingly good in your body and in your head seems complex, random, even a battle half lost in advance. Everything happens as if we had replaced the old diktats unanimously consistent with “slimming diets” and the “hunt for calories” by new sources of anxiety, multiple this time. Spontaneity takes a hit, stress increases, the little bike goes around in a loop.

I avoid sugar but can I eat fruit?
I'm trying to reduce dairy products: what about soy milk?
When should I drink my coffee - I know, it's bad?
What if my day cream wasn't good for me?
Oops, it’s been over a month since I sat down to meditate…

At the same time, revolutionary methods full of promise follow one another, going from top to flop in no time and leaving us helpless. Paralysis, discouragement, excess control, guilt, switching from one credo to another… should not become the norm when it comes to beauty and well-being. We explain how to get back to healthy foundations.

Yes, the times invite you to take care of yourself

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It's clear and clear, the French are increasingly attentive to their state of health: in 2020, 82% of them say they have changed their eating habits over the last 12 months in order to maintain their health. health and that of their loved ones. They are looking for more natural products and are changing the contents of their plate towards more fruits and vegetables (46%) and fewer processed products (36%). This already strong trend has been further accentuated with the health crisis since 62% of French people say they are paying more attention to their health since it. Furthermore, 60% of them have implemented actions to strengthen their immune system: better diet (53%), better lifestyle (53%), consumption of food supplements and natural health products (36%). * The facts are there. Whatever anyone says, we are concerned about our well-being and each day we become more experts on the subject.

But are we still listening to ourselves?

No, your efforts are not in vain

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If the schizophrenia described in the introduction resonates with you, do you need to remember the following words? “Whatever the circumstances, always do your best, no more, no less. But remember that your best will never be the same even from one time to the next. Everything is alive, everything is constantly changing, so your best will sometimes be at a high level and other times at a lower level. Mornings when you wake up refreshed and full of energy will be better than when you're tired at the end of the evening. It will also be different depending on whether you are healthy or sick, sober or drunk. Your best will vary depending on whether you are healthy and happy, or irritated, angry, or jealous.”

You shouldn't feel like a failure while taking care of yourself! And even less achieve counterproductive results. When you no longer know why you are “inflicting” this or that on yourself, we suggest that you return to the following 3 steps.

Plea for reasoned self-care

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First step: to get out of immobility, permanent remorse or frantic racing, get rid of the guilt once and for all…. Maybe it comes down to a bit of a media diet? Or by a few lines of automatic writing to put things into perspective? And why not by distancing yourself from this cousin obsessed with the paleo diet? We assure you, far from ready-made recipes with an anxiety-provoking purpose, another path is possible: a gentle mixture of intuition, knowledge and balance.

Step two: listen to yourself. Only one question: “What do I really need?”

  • To adopt a dynamic approach imbued with humility: the answer is not the same every day!

  • To permanently free myself from injunctions: strangely, I don't necessarily need to layer 5 products every morning on my face;

  • To focus ever more on your personal feelings at the moment, the only truth.

This does not prevent us from informing ourselves, from taking the best of the theses to the forefront in order to make them our own.

Third step: juggle discipline. In terms of well-being and beauty, we often believe that rigor (or even asceticism) is required. So what ? We should be able to get up at 5 a.m. every day and eat only vegetable juices and sprouts? Spoiler alert: not necessarily. It is step by step that balance is established, in the alternation of on and off, of healthy and junk, of social and solo. Imperfect, human.
In the battle of beauty & food dogmas, let's return as soon as possible to simplicity, well summarized by Paracelsus, a Swiss doctor and alchemist from the 16th century:

''Everything is poison, nothing is poison, it's the dose that makes the poison. ''

Not to meditate for too long...

At Days of Confidence, we have chosen to focus on what we consider to be essential for your well-being and the beauty of your skin: Protection, vitality, serenity, detox and radiance. No gimmicks, no over promises and no miracles, only results.

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Synadiet 2020 National Union of Food Supplements

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