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Powerful natural stress relievers

Written by: Mathilde Peyrigué

An overview of best practices for keeping stress levels under control (natural methods, breathing, meditation and powerful anti-stress plants) and not letting stress rule your life.
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In a world evolving at high speed, stress has infiltrated all layers of our existence: professional life of course, but also personal, family and social life... We talk about stress when our adaptive capacities, put to the test, are exceeded. . When the constraint is too intense, forcing our autonomic nervous system to switch to “fight or flight” mode, also known as orthosympathetic, and causing acceleration of respiratory and cardiac rhythms, sweating, digestion on pause, pupil dilation, peripheral vasoconstriction…

Having become chronic, stress, acidifying and oxidative for the body, makes the bed of inflammation and can give rise to or reinforce a good number of pathologies. It is also responsible for our premature aging and likely to alter all of our daily functions.

Keeping the stress level under control has thus become a holy grail. Stress management (adapting rhythms, physical exercise, breathing, meditation, etc.) is an effective remedy, resources from nature (powerful anti-stress plants) are another.

Overview of good natural practices to not let stress rule your life.



Stress management, an essential lifestyle


In view of the repercussions of stress on our physical form and our mental health, stress management should today constitute a priority in terms of lifestyle, in the same way as the attention paid to the naturalness of our diet or to the smooth progress of our sleep. A few ways to feed this axis and take care of yourself with simplicity and efficiency. A logical reaction to manage stress is often to escape it by adapting one's rhythms as closely as possible to those of nature, by fleeing sources of tension... There is no doubt that this is beneficial, but this strategy does not protect us from stress by general rule. If working on the rhythms and the environment is a step - not always obvious - of stress management, it is to be completed with a panel of other resources that can be used everywhere, all the time. Starting with physical exercise practiced regularly and moderately: oxygenating and generating pleasure neurotransmitters, it helps to fight against stress and its deleterious effects. Stress also promotes high, rapid, jerky breathing: the diaphragm is under-stressed and ventral breathing is non-existent. This breathing pattern deprives us of oxygen and tends to inhibit the functioning of our vagus nerve, the royal road to relaxation and digestion.


Relearning how to breathe calmly, freely and in the right place, just a few minutes a day, can change a lot of things. Instead, take the test yourself: the next time you feel a surge of adrenaline from bad news, take a deep breath through your nose, inflate your stomach and lungs, then let go. longer by the nose or by the mouth, you will immediately feel reassured.

exacerbated pain
uncontrolled thought
muscle spasms
Limited physical strength
Emotional disturbances

Reduced pain
mental focus
Fair muscle tone
Optimal power of action
emotional control

A step beyond, meditation, by cultivating the practice of mindfulness, that is to say the ability to pay attention to the present moment (and very often to the breath), has an impact on our brain and regulates the how we react to a stressful situation over the long term.

All these tools practiced daily, even at low doses, optimize stress management. Anti-stress plants can actively supplement their action.



Plants, these powerful natural anti-stress


It turns out that the plants of the traditional European pharmacopoeia are rich in powerful natural anti-stress active ingredients. Chamomile, verbena, lavender or lemon balm are several excellent examples. Consumed regularly in the form of infusions, they help soothe the nervous system, causing it to switch to “relaxation” mode, also known as parasympathetic.

We can also think of other specific species of certain disorders that may be related to stress:

  • hawthorn in case of heart palpitations;

  • valerian, hops and passionflower on sleep disorders;

  • saffron and St. John's wort for depressive tendencies.

Precaution of use: in the event of drug treatment, one will always check in the literature or with his doctor that the consumption of these plants does not pose any particular problem.


Some more elaborate plants that are less known to the general public, called adaptogens and consumed in the form of food supplements, such as ashwagandha or rhodiola, increase the body's natural resistance to stress. Ashwagandha, known as Indian ginseng and a plant derived from Ayurvedic medicine, is currently considered the most powerful natural anti-stress. Acting directly on the thyroid-adrenal axis, it rebalances the nervous system, tones the body, promotes better sleep, stimulates libido and strengthens memory and concentration.

We have formulated an exclusive complex containing patented KSM 66® titrated ashwagandha and patented saffron, whose effects have been validated by 32 clinical studies, natural marine magnesium, taurine and vitamin B6 essential for the correct balance of the general nervous system. This ultra-concentrated Serenity Complex helps to significantly reduce stress and anxiety and restore a good emotional balance as well as a truly restorative sleep that optimizes cell regeneration and detoxification of your skin.



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