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Well-being is not an obligation

Written by: Mathilde Peyrigué

The search for individual well-being tends to become an often narcissistic and sometimes obsessive quest. It may be necessary to pause and ask ourselves whether we're on the wrong track if we continue to pursue well-being in this way.
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The search for individual well-being tends to become an often narcissistic and sometimes obsessive quest. However, the spiritual masters consider that this search only makes sense if it is turned towards others, which unfortunately is rarely the case. Without empathy, without altruism, it has a good chance of going around in circles and leading to neurotic behavior.


Internet, books, magazines etc. To the great regret of therapists, we no longer count the number of coaches and influencers giving their advice, their recipes, their affirmations, their injunctions ranging from nutrition to Yoga via the breathing workshop, the relaxing sewing workshop or the pottery workshop to reconnect with... We don't really know what anymore. Everywhere you find tips and tricks for making a successful latte, recipe for super fruit compote, guide to ideal positions for doing abs, meditation exercises or how to best keep your diary and to-do list.


Where in the past we went to see our doctor once a month when we felt really bad, more and more of them are those who have between 2 to 3 appointments per month with their shrink, their sophrologist, their naturopath, their osteopath and their hypnotist while they are doing quite well. In this frenetic quest for well-being, food is now practiced more as hygienist nutritherapy than as a set of simple, inexpensive and profitable practices. Yoga is practiced more as a bit of spectacular gymnastics than as a spiritual discipline primarily based on breathing, which existed long before young and pretty women stood on their heads in front of a sunset. Sport has become an increasingly individual practice focused above all on performance, permanent self-transcendence and control of immediate benefits displayed on connected watches.


Seems to take shape a form of tyranny of performance and perfection which gradually takes us away from well-being and happiness and which takes the form of a mad race, a headlong rush which too often generates guilt and a form of "expectation frustration". From empty words like "letting go", "mindfulness", "refocusing" to routines and rituals most of which are often egotistical and meaningless, our weeks are punctuated by thoughts and practices that instead of us revealing and opening up to others locks us in on ourselves. But it is neither in frenzy, nor in obsession, nor in stubbornness that we find well-being which, moreover, just like happiness, is a very subjective notion. Amandine's well-being is not that of Claire and the happiness of some does not always make that of others.



It may be necessary to pause to ask ourselves if we are on the wrong track by continuing to pursue well-being in this way.


It is not here, it is not with us that you will find tips and tricks or recipes to access well-being. Our products contribute modestly to this and the various articles that we will publish will always try to offer you new insights offered by seasoned and enlightened therapists and spiritual masters who, like Gen Chitta, a Buddhist nun, can encourage you to simply start by taking a step back. “It doesn't have to be elaborate or perfect. The practice (NDLR of meditation or any work on oneself) is a series of imperfect repetitions. Forget your expectations and stop trying to get results because it hurts the experience. It's also important to practice acceptance on a daily basis, which means stopping wanting things to be different than they are. Instead of thinking negative thoughts, telling yourself you're not good enough, others aren't good enough, or things aren't going your way, decide that it doesn't matter. importance or a relative importance. You will create space in your mind to be more caring towards others, which will have positive repercussions on your family, your friends, your partners, your colleagues, your community. Think of these people when you focus on your breath and wish them well. It can be one of the most powerful rituals. »


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