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Nutritherapy: how to prepare your skin for summer?

Written by: Mathilde Peyrigué

The problem is clearly identified: to prepare the skin to glow all summer long, we seek to rid it of toxins and boost its luminosity to the maximum, while nourishing and protecting it in depth. Nutritherapy paves the way with healthy, targeted "beauty from within" solutions (diet, food supplements, superfoods).
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The first rays of the sun systematically bring out a first-rate beauty concern, whether in town or in the countryside: how best to prepare the skin for the arrival of summer?

From this side, the approach of nutritherapy is rich in teaching.

In this article, take stock of this relatively unknown discipline and effectively prepare your skin for the summer season.



What is nutritherapy?


Nutritherapy, whose etymology means “treating through food”, focuses on nutrients in a personalized way, depending on the individual to be treated and their pathologies.


Born in the 1980s, this relatively recent discipline is considered a complementary approach to conventional medicine. Nutrition therapists are also health professionals (doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, pharmacists) with additional training in nutritherapy.


One of the pioneers of nutritherapy in France is Dr. Jean Seignalet, a doctor specializing in immunology who developed a diet to keep many autoimmune diseases dormant. His book Food or the Third Medicine directly echoes one of the great precepts of Hippocrates in the 5th century BC “Let your food be your medicine”.


Nutritherapy differs from its cousin discipline micronutrition by its ability to reduce specific symptoms through dietary adjustments and targeted supplementation. Micronutrition focuses more on the prevention of deficiencies and nutritional balance in the broad sense.


The needs of the skin at the arrival of the beautiful season


The rise in temperatures and the sunshine that accompany sunny days give rise to specific skin needs, different from those of the colder seasons:


  • Hydration: more than ever, the skin needs a sufficient level of hydration. Take care to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of quality water per day (filtered tap water or spring water). But also to use cosmetic products that are both natural and highly moisturizing. Essential fatty acid intake is also crucial for maintaining supple skin.

  • Exfoliation: Sun exposure, sweat and humidity can clog skin pores resulting in blemishes. A gentle and regular exfoliation eliminates dead cells and maintains healthy and luminous skin.

  • Protection: in order to reduce the damage caused by UV rays (premature aging, sunburn, etc.), the skin needs reinforced protection in and out, from the inside and out, cures and care provided with an SPF. This is the prerequisite for a healthy tan and a lasting tan.



Nutritherapy advice to prepare your skin for summer

In this perspective, nutritherapy has a lot to teach us to prepare the skin for the arrival of summer.


On the plate, she recommends emphasizing the intake of antioxidants via berries and red fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, goji berries, cranberries), green vegetables, seafood and shellfish, oilseeds or even spices and herbs (turmeric, saffron, ginger, etc.). Carrots, avocados and tomatoes are also worth mentioning. Finally, now is more than ever the time to invite antioxidant vegetable oils (wheat germ, safflower, raspberry seeds, etc.) and rich in omega-3 (hemp, walnuts, camelina, etc.) to the table!


On the food supplement side, two steps may be relevant.


  • The Detox Complex, based on detoxifying seaweed, adaptogenic plants and antioxidant active ingredients, deeply purifies the skin while detoxifying the body. This synergy helps get rid of toxins, heavy metal free radicals, acidity and bacteria which are major causes of fatigue, digestive issues and dull complexion.

  • The Radiance Complex intervenes at the source of the main causes contributing to dull complexion thanks to an essential double action:
    . A preventive action against oxidative stress which promotes the appearance of wrinkles and weakens the epidermis as a whole;
    . An action on omega-3 deficiencies to restore suppleness to your skin and reduce the risk of dryness, reinforced during the summer season.


In terms of superfoods, you have to point the finger at Urucum. Otherwise called achiote extract, this powdered active ingredient from a plant native to the Amazon is very concentrated in beta-carotene: it is considered to be 100 times more loaded with carotenoids than carrots. Consumed regularly, it helps to activate the production of melanin and protect the skin from the sun. Urcum powder is used sprinkled in food or as a drink mixed with water every day, a few weeks before the first prolonged exposure to the sun. It is a major asset in the optimal preparation of the skin for the sun for all ages.


The problem is clearly identified: to prepare the skin to shine all summer long, we try to rid it of its toxins and boost its luminosity as much as possible, while nourishing it and protecting it in depth. Nutritherapy opens the way for us with healthy and targeted beauty from within solutions (food, food supplements, super foods). To beautify your skin from the outside, also consider, at Days of Confidence, the Urban Shield Facial Cream , a versatile anti-ageing ultra-protective treatment or the Radiance Facial Cream , a rich and creamy treatment that combines the set of the best active ingredients your skin needs to reveal its radiance.


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