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Tips to prepare your skin for the sun

Written by: Mathilde Peyrigué

We reveal the 5 products to include in your skincare routine to have beautiful skin and survive the summer!

femme pose sa tête sur le rebord d'une piscine repos vacances été soleil comment préparer sa peau pour avoir une belle peau tout l'été


During the summer, your skin faces various external aggressions which can, in the long term, weaken it. Between heat which dehydrates the skin, UV rays which burn it and accelerate skin aging, or even sea water which dries it out... Taking care of your skin is a priority all year round but it is essential to do so. pay particular attention during the summer season.



Prepare your skin Inside & Out

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You can start preparing your skin for the sun's rays a few weeks before the months of exposure, by nourishing it from the inside. Food supplements provide essential vitamins and minerals to your body and your skin to keep it hydrated, but also to plump it up, give it elasticity, or even to prevent aging.

In order to see lasting results, a course of dietary supplements generally lasts 1 to 3 months, and is simple to follow. Simply take 1 to 3 capsules in the morning or during the day, with a large glass of water, and let them work!


Be careful, increasing the dose will not help you see results faster!

Our body has specific needs, and overdosing will not have any effects on your skin, since your body will naturally eliminate excess vitamins.


As it is not always easy to know how to choose your food supplements , here are our tips!


What vitamins to have beautiful skin?

If your goal is to prepare your skin for the long term, give it more elasticity, and prevent damage caused by UV rays, here are the two ingredients that are essential:

    • Omega 3 : These are crucial fatty acids in your diet. It can be difficult to get enough of them into your body through food, which is why they are often recommended in supplement form. They provide many benefits to your body, at the cardiovascular or cerebral level. As for the skin, their great nourishing properties allow for better hydration. They also help prevent certain skin problems, and allow better oxygenation of your cells to strengthen your epidermis from the inside. In a few words, omega 3 helps you have beautiful, young and luminous skin!

    • Grape seeds: Known for their antioxidant benefits, grape seeds are a real ally in fighting free radicals which contribute to the appearance of the first wrinkles and fine lines. They are a natural anti-aging agent that helps you regain the firmness of your skin and, above all, prevent skin photoaging thanks to their antioxidant actions. It is therefore a must to prepare your skin for the sun!
      Discover our Radiance complex , rich in vegan Omega 3, grape seeds, and pale rose which regenerates your skin from the inside. As a one-month treatment, where you just need to take 2 capsules in the morning.



      Moisturize your skin

      cream on the hand to protect your skin to be beautiful in summer

      Let's now move on to cosmetic treatments that will help you take care of your skin, nourish it and provide it with external protection. Once the face is clean and dry (gently dab the face with a clean towel), begin your skincare routine by applying an energizing facial serum.

      We are hearing more and more about the benefits of serums and that it is essential to use a good serum before your moisturizer. But why ? And above all, what serum? In reality, the serum complements the other products that you will then apply, and acts on the firmness of your skin, its softness and its radiance. A serum is much lighter than a cream, therefore absorbs more quickly, and is more useful for treating your skin problems in depth because serums are full of active ingredients. If you put your cream before your serum, the latter, which has a richer texture, will block the benefits of your serum.


      Serums can have different benefits and meet specific needs, depending on the ingredients they are made from, but the main goal is to hydrate and protect your skin by strengthening your skin barrier. Before summer, and to prepare your skin, we advise you to use a fluid, light serum to allow the skin to breathe.


      Our energizing facial serum plumps the skin, evens the complexion and smoothes fine lines. 100% natural, it is certified organic and made in France and contains:

        • vegetable hyaluronic acid , essential to provide good hydration and obtain firm and toned skin.

        • antioxidant microalgae , with nourishing properties, essential for plumping the skin.

        • Camelina oil , which provides you with Omegas 3 and 6, as well as vitamin E. Its aim is to soothe irritated skin, protect sensitive skin, and help fight against skin aging.

        • Activated Cherry Water , to stimulate your collagen production.

        • and finally, jojoba oil , the only ingredient on the list which is not grown in France, but which is essential for regulating sebum, protecting the skin from external aggressions, and nourishing dry and sensitive skin.


          Three drops are enough to nourish your entire face and neck. Wait a few moments for the product to penetrate well before applying your cream.



          Protect your skin

          girl putting sunscreen on her arm at the beach to protect her skin from the sun spf 50 effective sunscreen tips for having beautiful skin in summer


          The obligatory beauty product to have in your skincare kit, and we can't repeat it enough, is sunscreen, ideally with an SPF+50 index, organic without nanoparticles without preservatives, biodegradable and respectful of the oceans.
          It is a must all year round to prevent premature aging of the skin. Also remember to apply it to the neck, ears and hands for optimal protection! Sun protection is effective if you apply it in sufficient quantity (the equivalent of approximately half a teaspoon), and several times a day. One application in the morning is not enough to protect your skin all day!

          Dermatologists recommend applying sunscreen every two hours. Obviously, this varies depending on your skin type and time of exposure! If you have very fair skin, and/or freckles, do not miss this recommendation, because your skin is very sensitive to UV. Also, the effects that the sun will have on your skin are not the same around 1 p.m. or 9 p.m.


          Therefore, we advise you to always have your sun protection on hand, and even more so during your vacation in the sun, when your skin will be overexposed to it.



          Eliminate impurities and leftover sunscreen

          girl who cleans shower face gentle cleanser after beach vacation beautiful skin


          To have a good skincare routine you need effective purifying cleansing to apply treatments to clean and fresh skin! Summer, like winter !


          Should you wash your face morning and evening?

          Yes !

          Cleanse your face in the morning to get rid of all the impurities accumulated during the night, such as sweat, excess sebum, or even dead cells.

          In the evening, nothing is more important than removing all leftover creams, especially sun creams, with a purifying but gentle cleanser to leave your skin clear and oxygenated.


          What are the common mistakes we make when washing our face?

            • Wash your face with hot water: prefer lukewarm water!

            • Poorly removing makeup in the evening: this is why you need an effective and gentle cleanser that will remove makeup residue, or cream (for those who don't wear makeup), without damaging your face.

            • Not using a suitable cleanser or cleanser: no, shower gel is not a good product to wash your face with. And if there is one product that should not be neglected, it is the cleanser! Choose a cleanser that will meet the needs of your skin type.

            • Exfoliating too often: once in a while, why not. But it is a treatment that must remain occasional, otherwise it risks damaging your skin. Choose scrubs with natural ingredients, and remember to clean your skin with a gentle cleanser afterwards!

            • Dry your face with an already used towel: leave aside your rough towels, and opt instead for a towel or soft fabric. The ideal would be to change it each time you wash, and to tap it gently on your face, so as not to damage your skin.


              Choosing an effective and gentle cleanser is not necessarily an easy task. We have created a purifying cleanser with a creamy milk oil texture with ingredients known for their detoxifying benefits, to free your pores of all accumulated impurities and pollution.

              For optimal cleansing, apply a few drops of the cleanser to your face and massage for a few seconds onto dry skin. Add water, and continue massaging to create a micro foam that deeply cleanses your pores, then rinse. Then tap your towel or fabric. Your skin is soft, cleansed, and ready to take the next step!



              Repair post-sun

              Eurasian girl puts soothing facial oil on her skin after sun to repair her skin from sun and have beautiful skin applies oil on her cheek with pipette


              Finally, prolonged exposure to the sun means dehydrated skin. Your skin needs to be rehydrated, more than ever, in summer. You've had a great day where your face has been exposed to the sun for many hours (beach, excursions, walks or other), it's time to go home and take a nice relaxing shower. After washing your face thoroughly, what's better than a cocktail of cold-pressed oils as an after-sun to regenerate, soothe and nourish your skin?


              Oils are excellent for soothing your skin after sunbathing because they include many fatty acids that rehydrate your skin and prevent the appearance of burns and peeling skin.


              Here are some vegetable oils that will help you prepare and repair your skin:

                • pomegranate seed oil, which deeply hydrates the skin and stimulates its regeneration.

                • jojoba oil, which regulates the pH of the skin, and acts as a barrier to protect it from aggressions, in addition to hydrating it.

                • Kukui oil, which restores suppleness and elasticity to your skin, without greasy effect.

                • macadamia oil, which protects the skin from UV rays and promotes cell regeneration.

                • Blueberry seed oil, which reduces redness, prevents cellular aging, and protects damaged tissues.



                  During your evening routine, remember to apply a few drops of soothing oil (composed of all the oils mentioned above) to your face and neck, which will calm your heated skin and work deeply while you sleep. You will wake up with a more radiant and radiant complexion than ever!


                  You will have understood, these five products are the summer essentials to prepare your skin, and above all, maintain it throughout the summer season.

                  The secret to beautiful skin and a radiant complexion, all year round, lies in your routine, both in terms of the products you apply to your skin, as well as your eating habits (nutrition) and vitamins and minerals. (micro nutrition) that you will provide to your body.


                  If you would like to learn more about nutritherapy, and how it will help you prepare your skin for summer from the inside, do not hesitate to read our article: Nutritherapy: how to prepare your skin for summer?



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