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Activated water, or how to rhyme upcycling and beauty

Written by: Mathilde Peyrigué

Upcycling consists of reusing materials that have already been transformed to create new, even more desirable ones. Activated water obtained from upcycled fruits is packed with benefits for the skin. What is upcycling, how is it used in cosmetics, in particular via activated water? Explanations.
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Faced with current environmental challenges, industries must adapt and redouble their efforts to develop more ecological and responsible manufacturing processes. You certainly know about recycling but have you heard of “upcycling”? More commonly known as “upcycling”, this trend is attracting more and more sectors, notably the beauty sector. What is upcycling? How is it used in cosmetics, particularly using activated water? Overview of this committed process which has everything to please.

Upcycling: definition

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Upcycling - or “overcycling” - is an approach which consists of reusing materials that are no longer used to transform them into higher quality materials or products. This approach is at the heart of the principle of the circular economy , the aim of which is to “produce goods and services in a sustainable manner by limiting consumption, waste of resources and production of waste”.

The fashion and textile sector was one of the first to embrace upcycling. In fact, this process addresses a real problem when we know that nearly 4 million tonnes of clothing waste are thrown away each year in Europe *.

Today, some clothing brands have made it their core business. Far from restricting their creativity, upcycling makes it possible to offer new desirable products while limiting the resources used and the waste produced. A win-win strategy which is now extending to other markets, notably that of beauty.

Upcycling and cosmetics, it works

cosmetic oil product with soaked pipette

In cosmetics too, upcycling is attracting more and more companies who see it as a concrete way to reduce their environmental impact without compromising the quality of their products. Perfumery is a pioneer and has been promoting the use of upcycled ingredients in its creations for several years now. A responsible but also innovative approach for perfumers who must add new molecules to their palettes to create unique and, above all, more ecological juices.

And that's not all. There are many ways to incorporate upcycled ingredients into beauty products. Whether they already come from the cosmetics or food industry, upcycling highlights natural ingredients by giving them a second life. For example :

  • The pits and seeds can be ground to make vegetable oil;

  • Some leaves can be transformed to extract botanical extracts;

  • The petals of already distilled flowers can be reused for perfume;

  • Certain fruits make it possible to obtain precious plant waters thanks to a precise extraction process.

This last point is of particular interest because water is a key ingredient in the formulation of beauty products. It is also very often the first in terms of percentages (it can represent more than 80% of the formulas). And for good reason, water fulfills several essential functions:

  • It allows the various water-soluble active ingredients to be dissolved so that they can penetrate the skin;

  • It allows formulas to be fluidized to obtain light and comfortable textures;

  • Coupled with other hydrophilic molecules which retain it, it contributes to skin hydration.

It's hard to do without it.

While some brands use water to enhance the percentage of natural ingredients in their formulas, others select it carefully so that it contributes to the effectiveness of the products. This is the case for treatments made from thermal waters which combine the properties of spring waters with cosmetic active ingredients, or even floral waters from the hydrodistillation of flowers and which are recognized for their soothing and purifying properties, among other things. . But did you know that plant waters have equally interesting properties. We talk about “activated water”. What is this ? Let's take a closer look.

The benefits of activated water for the skin

daisies soaking in water

As you will have understood, activated water is water whose natural properties have been boosted thanks to a specific treatment. Plant waters from fruit processing are enriched with volatile compounds, mineral salts and trace elements naturally present in the fresh plant and therefore constitute a real benefit for the skin. Added to the formula, they greatly contribute to its effectiveness while enhancing the naturalness of the product. Why deprive yourself of it?

At Days of Confidence , all our formulas are designed with Activated Water® enriched with original fruit extracts™ obtained by gentle extraction processes which preserve the active ingredients:

  • The complexion radiance face cream contains original cranberry extract™ known for its antioxidant action which helps fight against skin aging and dull complexion;

  • The original sweet orange extract contained in the urban shield face cream smoothes, refines and brings radiance to the skin;

  • Thanks to the stimulating action of the original cherry extract™, the energizing face serum maintains the elasticity and firmness of the skin;

100% natural synergies that respect the skin and reinforce the effectiveness of treatments. All you have to do is test!

No, upcycling is not just another overused marketing argument. It is a resolutely ecological and committed approach which takes on its full meaning in a world where everyone must face the environmental challenges that our society faces. The cosmetics industry is not left out, and more and more beauty brands no longer hesitate to integrate upcycled ingredients into their formulas. Much more than recycling, upcycling allows you to get the most out of natural ingredients while limiting resources and waste. Activated water is a good example of this resolutely winning bet which combines effectiveness, commitment and desirability.

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