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Reasons why hair care is as important as face care!

Written by: Cristina Rodríguez

Repair damaged hands and protect them from UV rays and brown spots. We explain how to choose the right moisturizing hand cream. 

Vos mains sont aussi importantes que votre visage


We tend to think that the skincare routine stops at the face and neck, but what about the hands? Taking care of your hands is as important as taking care of the rest of your face and body. The skin on your hands is also slightly more fragile, because it is constantly exposed to the sun, water, limescale, cold, heat and any other external inconvenience. This is why it is essential to take special care of it.


The hands also age and stains may appear on them. The less you take care of it, the more the skin on your hands may suffer from premature aging, like your face. There is therefore no age to protect them.


It is often said that a woman's hands should be pretty. First of all, it should be emphasized that neither a woman nor a man is indebted to anyone in this matter. Everyone enjoys the freedom to care for themselves according to their preferences, without being forced to conform to society's norms and expectations.


In addition, it is important to note that this observation generally relates to the condition of the nails, which must be carefully maintained. Neither too short, to avoid the effect of "baby hands", nor excessively long, to avoid any vulgarity. Be careful of chipped varnish and bitten nails, so as not to give the impression of a neglected appearance. Nude shades, which are closer to sobriety, are often preferred to obtain a sophisticated look.


It is unfortunate that the main focus is on the nails, while the value of the hands, those who sport them, is often overlooked. Those hands that endure damage due to repeated exposure to UV lamps in an effort to achieve attractive nails. These hands which suffer the effects of frequent washing. These hands which, however, support our projects and our aspirations and should be protected throughout the year...



How to choose your hand cream?

Here are 3 fundamental points that will help you choose your moisturizing hand cream.


1. Choose your hand cream based on its active ingredients

    A cream consisting solely of glycerin water and less than 1% active ingredients will give you the impression of hydrating and protecting your hands. This is not the case because it does not act in depth and will only leave a greasy and deceptive film on the surface of your skin.


    Our cream is composed of activated water and 6 very powerful botanical active ingredients that act in depth.


    Activated water is natural water that undergoes a purification process allowing it to develop unique and valuable cosmetic properties. At Days of Confidence , we use organic orange, organic cherry and organic cranberry waters. These have been selected in all of our treatments , and in particular the hand cream, because they offer stimulating, anti-aging properties and bring softness and radiance to your skin.


    In addition to activated water, the anti-aging hand protection cream contains 6 active ingredients . Each has been carefully chosen for its properties:


    • Mango butter, anti-inflammatory, helps prevent skin aging.

    • Sweet orange extract refines and smoothes the skin's texture and brightens the complexion.

    • Ribwort plantain leaf extract soothes itching, prevents redness and can treat eczema.

    • Sunflower seed oil nourishes dry and dehydrated skin.

    • Vitamin E stimulates collagen production and restores elasticity to the skin.

    • Hyaluronic acid, essential for plumped skin from the inside out.


    2. Choose your hand cream based on its texture and smell

      Nothing is more unpleasant than a cream that sticks when applied and leaves your hands greasy for many minutes and whose smell vaguely reminds you of something indefinable due to added chemical perfumes.

      We have developed a non-greasy formula with ultra-fast absorption. An ultra light texture and a 100% natural cut herb and citrus fragrance designed in Grasse (Perfume Capital) to give you maximum pleasure with each application.


      3. Choose your hand cream for its promises and values

        Beware of misleading promises. No cream in the world will be able to make your dark spots and fine lines disappear. There is no such thing. Talk to your dermatologist, he will confirm it for you.

        Our hand cream does not perform miracles but it keeps its promises, which are to moisturize deeply and lastingly without leaving a greasy film, to protect against UV rays and to prevent the appearance of the first signs of aging.


        Is transparency one of our values? This is the key to the trust you place in us. Eco-responsibility is also at the center of everything we do, our cream is 100% natural, certified organic, vegan, cruelty free of course, and its recycled and recyclable aluminum tube does not contain any plastic.


        Care routine to take care of your hands.


        The age repair protection hand cream , due to its creamy and non-sticky texture, can be easily applied throughout the day. It is recommended to always keep one in your bag.


        Some prefer to integrate it into their routine so as not to forget it. With this in mind, it is advisable to apply it in the morning and evening, after the steps of your morning and nighttime routine.


        To deepen the care, it is possible to carry out a weekly exfoliation (no more than once a week) using a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of fine salt. After mixing these ingredients, apply the mixture to your hands, massage for a few moments, then rinse before then applying your age-repair protection hand cream.



        Tribute to your hands



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