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Seaweed therapy

Written by: Mathilde Peyrigué

Seaweed is a highly relevant natural ingredient for skin beauty and well-being. They abound in properties for the skin, and for the body in the broadest sense. Easily integrated into a holistic skincare routine, they are a major asset for anyone wishing to look after their health.
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Perhaps you've already heard of the use of algae for skin beauty and well-being in the broadest sense? Seaweed treatments and wraps have been developed in beauty salons and thalassotherapy centers for many years. Increasingly widespread on the holistic care market, they are the talk of the town, and with good reason. Beauty products and dietary supplements based on seaweed, whether marine or freshwater, are packed with benefits.

What are the best seaweeds for facial care? Which edible seaweeds should you choose for a cure?


At Days of Confidence, we wanted to summarize their main properties and take you on a discovery of our favorite algae.



Why use algae in cosmetics and health?


Above all because algae are natural ingredients and highly beneficial for the health and beauty of the skin!

Here is a summary of their main properties:


Algae have a detox effect

Algae cleanse the body in two ways. On the one hand, they facilitate the evacuation of heavy metals via alginates, compounds they contain that have the ability to form gels and "capture" pollutants. Secondly, when consumed orally, they stimulate the emunctories (waste and toxin evacuation pathways) via the fibers, mucilages and/or chlorophyll they contain. In this way, they effectively "chelate" foreign chemicals that may be present in our bodies, promoting their natural elimination.


Seaweed is very rich in micronutrients

Algae also show a non-negligible content of vegetable proteins, essential fatty acids (omega-3), vitamins and minerals... They are inexpensive nutrient bombs to produce for the planet, provided they are raised in good conditions. Indeed, the detox effect mentioned above requires a 100% pure environment, otherwise the algae risk trapping elements harmful to health.

The micronutrients contained in seaweed help nourish the skin in depth and limit tissue inflammation. The combination of their detoxifying effect and this complete supply of micronutrients is particularly interesting for the beauty of the skin and overall well-being.


Algae have remarkable antioxidant properties against aging

Algae finally help to protect our cells against oxidative stress caused by free radicals and responsible for the signs of aging. They contain vitamins A, C and E and minerals such as zinc and selenium, all of which are powerful antioxidants.


Brown algae, such as Kombu and Wakame, are specifically high in polyphenols. Green algae, such as Spirulina and Chlorella, contain a lot of carotenoids. Phycocyanin, the blue-green pigment found in spirulina and other cyanobacteria - commonly referred to as algae - is also a recognized antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.


As you will have understood, algae have every interest in being introduced into our skincare routines, in the form of cosmetic products and food supplements. Now let's see how to do it.



How to integrate algae into daily skin care?


A daily skin care product containing seaweed is a great idea! At Days of Confidence, we've formulated Energizing Facial Serum, a light, fluid toner for everyday use, with Palmaria palmata extract, a red algae native to Brittany. A member of the Rhodophyceae family, Palmaria palmata is common along the Channel and Atlantic coasts, from Greenland to France. Concentrated in vitamins A and B12, polysaccharides and carrageenans, it stimulates cutaneous microcirculation with a regulated efficacy that stabilizes over time. It provides our formula with optimal efficacy on redness and its prevention. It also enables this Serum to oxygenate the skin and maintain its elasticity and firmness.

Apply to a clean, dry face, avoiding the eye contour area, and massage gently for a few seconds until the product has penetrated the skin. Don't hesitate to test our combinatorial approach by complementing this beauty gesture with a wellness cure...



How to consume seaweed for more benefits on the body?


Highly nutritious, seaweed is also very relevant on the plate, as superfoods, or, more concentrated, in the form of dietary supplement cures. In addition to seaweed tartare, Asian broths and Spirulina flakes, bet on well-made capsules!

At Days of Confidence, and for all the reasons mentioned above, we have chosen to integrate them with the Detox complex, anti-dull complexion and revitalizing the body, and Radiance complex , radiance booster.


The Detox Complex

It contains organic Chlorella and Lithothamne.


Rich in chlorophyll and vitamins C and E, Chlorella is particularly detoxifying. In fact, studies have shown that regular consumption of this algae reduces the level of toxins in the body. The wide range of nutrients present in Chlorella alone explains the detoxifying and antioxidant virtues of this freshwater algae. Consuming it in the form of a course of treatment encourages the elimination of toxins, waste and free radicals accumulated by the body.


Lithothamnion, from Iceland, is a red seaweed of the Corallinaceae family found in colonies on the shallow seabed (10 to 60 meters). It is found in Brittany, England, Norway, Iceland and the Mediterranean Sea. Sometimes called Merl or Maer, this algae is an important source of trace elements, of which there are 19.


Our current diet provides our bodies with an exaggerated dose of acids (fats, sugars, stimulants...). At the same time, we are often deficient in vitamins and trace elements, which prevents our bodies from neutralizing and efficiently transforming these acids. As a result, the body draws on its reserves of mineral bases, leading to demineralization. Lithothamnion is a seaweed capable of making up for these losses thanks to the mineral substances it contains, enabling complete remineralization.


The Radiance Complex

It is based on a European microalga, schizochytrium, which is very rich in omega-3s, particularly DHA, and totally free from marine pollutants.


DHA is found naturally in our cell membranes. Our body needs a daily dose of DHA to renew its cells and strengthen their membranes. But while the body naturally produces DHA, it doesn't produce enough! DHA-enriched food supplements are therefore extremely useful for our bodies.


However, the quality of cell membranes guarantees :

  • to preserve our mental health;

  • to develop our intellectual faculties;

  • to reduce blood pressure;

    It keeps the skin in perfect health and protects it from certain skin diseases. Allergies, psoriasis and above all acne, as long as it is not of hormonal origin, can be considerably improved by this reinforced intake of omega-3.


    Seaweed has earned its title as the champion of natural beauty and well-being. Now all you have to do is try them, and you'll be hooked.


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