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What food supplements for beautiful skin?

Written by: Mathilde Peyrigué

What are food supplements? Which ones to choose for beautiful skin? How to optimize their effectiveness? Take a behind-the-scenes look at in & out cosmetics, which promise long-lasting results for healthy, visibly more beautiful skin.
photo packshot vue d'en haut du complément alimentaire vitalité pour avoir une belle peau sur fond blanc avec deux capsules à côté


The health of the skin depends 80% on what we eat and 20% on external factors . Diet therefore plays a key role in maintaining the quality and beauty of the skin. A recent discovery that is shaking up the cosmetics market with the arrival of a new category of products: food supplements. Who are they, how do they act and which ones to choose to have beautiful skin? Discover the underside of this new beauty gesture.



What is a food supplement?


A food supplement is a foodstuff concentrated in active substances which constitute an additional nutritional contribution for the organism (National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety - ANSES).

Depending on their composition, their dosage or their mode of intake, food supplements can fill potential deficiencies or strengthen certain functions of the body. They are found in different forms: liquid extracts, capsules, tablets, powders or even gummies, these little colorful jelly candies that flourish on the consumer and selective beauty shelves.

If their use is rather common in the sectors of health and sports performance, they are also proving to be real allies for taking care of the skin. For what ? How do they actually act?


In an ideal world, food should be enough to provide the body with the nutrients it needs. The reality is not so simple and it is not rare that the nutritional contributions do not cover the physiological needs specific to each one. Indeed, at present, foods, even organic ones, are increasingly poor in nutrients and, conversely, the body needs them more and more to fight against the oxidative stress generated by the rhythm of life. unbridled and the various pollutions to which it is exposed.

Deficiencies can jeopardize the proper functioning of our systems, and the skin, like any organ, is no exception to this rule. By providing the necessary micronutrients directly to our cells via the bloodstream, food supplements can help correct certain imbalances that cause skin problems.


You are probably wondering which ones to choose to have beautiful skin? To each problem its solution.



Effective dietary supplements for beautiful skin


Lack of hydration, wrinkles and loss of firmness, adult acne… Whatever your concerns, there is sure to be a food supplement to help you deal with them, in addition to a suitable skincare routine.

Here are some key active ingredients to look for in the composition of food supplements to have beautiful skin.


Maintain optimal hydration

Tightness and redness are the main signs of dehydrated skin. There are several active ingredients that act to maintain good skin hydration, for example:

  • hyaluronic acid: this is one of the flagship active ingredients in cosmetics, recognized in particular for its exceptional moisturizing and plumping power.

  • omega 3, 6 and 9: these polyunsaturated fatty acids are all the more interesting in complementation as the body does not synthesize them. It is therefore necessary to take care to integrate them into the diet in particular. They stimulate the natural production of hyaluronic acid and fight against skin dehydration. The Omega 3 DHA contained in the Days of Confidence Radiance Complex are particularly useful in restoring suppleness and elasticity to the skin.


Do not forget that water intake remains the best way to have properly hydrated skin: drink at least 1.5 liters per day, favoring quality water (spring water, filtered water) and low mineral content.


Fight against skin aging

After 25 years, the body's ability to synthesize the structural elements that give the skin its firmness and tone decreases. Some food supplements are concentrated in active ingredients that help fight against the signs of skin aging.

  • collagen: it maintains the hydration and structure of the skin from the inside for a filling and smoothing effect.

  • vitamins A, C, E: they fight against oxidative stress partly responsible for skin aging. Combined with 11 other active ingredients in the formula of Vitality complex from Days of Confidence, they help maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

  • hyaluronic acid: him again! Thanks to its plumping power, it smoothes fine lines and restores skin tone.


    Treat acne and blemishes

    About 25% of women suffer from adult acne ( If you are concerned, know that there are natural active ingredients that help to reduce the effects.

    • zinc: recognized for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties, it harmonizes the activity of the sebaceous glands and promotes healing.

    • evening primrose oil: effective against hormonal acne, it regulates sebum secretion and purifies the skin. It is also recognized for its anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and anti-aging properties, which makes it a great ally for the beauty of the skin.


    When it is not of hormonal origin, acne in adults can be linked to an excessively high level of toxaemia, that is to say an accumulation of acid and mucosal waste in the body. At Days of Confidence, the Detox Complex , enriched with chlorella, gently detoxifies to regain a fresh and radiant complexion.


    As you will have understood, food supplements have their place in your skincare routines. But how to choose the right supplement among the multitude of brands and references offered on the market?



    Food supplements for the skin: how to choose?


    On the food supplement market, you can find everything and at all prices. To choose correctly, it is better to be well informed.

    Like any foodstuff, once digested, these products enter the body directly. It is therefore essential to ensure their quality and the absence of known excipients. Their composition must above all respect the list of authorized ingredients established by European legislation .

    Remember also that these are neither drugs nor sweets and they should not replace a balanced diet. It is preferable to consume them in the form of cures by respecting the indicated dosage. In addition, certain active ingredients can interact with other substances, in particular medicinal substances. In case of treatment, always seek the advice of your doctor beforehand.


    At Days of Confidence, quality is our priority. Our supplements are guaranteed without GMOs and without allergens or bulking agents. Our 100% vegan and gluten-free formulas are developed with respect for the ingredients used in order to preserve the precious active ingredients they contain and to preserve their effectiveness.

    Speaking of efficiency, be careful. A supplement is only effective and safe if it is perfectly dosed. At Days Of Confidence, nothing is left to chance. Our different complexes are formulated by a micronutritionist doctor and cover 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) without exceeding the Upper Safety Limits (LSS), for visible results without risk to health.


    Did you know that there is a very simple way to boost the action of food supplements to optimize their in & out effect? Explanations.



    IN & OUT beauty: when beauty rhymes with well-being


    Holistic care, inner beauty, in & out beauty… Whatever the term used, the idea is the same: beauty is the reflection of overall well-being. Obvious isn't it? But in practice how?

    To help you, the new skincare routines offer all-inclusive solutions that act both on the beauty of the skin and on the balance of the body thanks to the combined action of food supplements and cosmetic treatments. Result: the skin is nourished from the inside and out, and the entire metabolism benefits from these new beauty gestures.


    This is the principle, pushed to its maximum precision, of the combinatorial approach developed by Days Of Confidence combining the effectiveness of bio-active cosmetics and micronutrition. A gentle and preventive approach to taking care of yourself and your skin. With such an approach, there are no miracles, only long-term results.

    Food supplements have revolutionized skincare routines by offering a new way to take care of your skin from the inside. Combined with traditional cosmetic products, they stimulate a global action on the whole organism, for optimal effectiveness on the beauty of the skin. Beauty and health have never been so linked and we can only celebrate this trend which advocates well-being rather than a frantic race towards a reflection that we would like (too) perfect.



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